Back to Travel with República del Cacao! A chocolate tasting in Hong Kong

“Back to travel with República del Cacao!”, that was the objective of our event held from 25th to 27th May, 2021 in Hong Kong. In this singular situation that our world is right now, we wished to invite pastry chefs over a colorful and tropical journey to Latin America, in order to discuss and share about Pastry, but also about Cacao and its strong link with Latin America for more than 5 000 years.

Nowadays, most of chocolate couvertures use cacao sourced all around the world, but are produced in Europe, where the manufacturing expertise has been developed. And when we zoom in on single origin chocolates produced by various manufacturers, most of them come from Latin America, a key region, which represents 80% of the world’s fine and aromatic cacao.

República del Cacao has succeeded in gathering the best of both worlds in one place, by giving a meaning and a positive impact to its actions, defining its purpose as following: sustainably source local ingredients (cacao, milk, sugarcane), to produce high quality chocolates in their origin, Latin America, where Cacao was born.

Chef Lou Campagna, our guest chef who is supporting us since the beginning of our adventure in Asia, created 8 tastings with six of our chocolate couvertures, showcased through a buffet table. From Turucucho, a community located in the Andes mountains of Ecuador where we source our milk, to the Amazon rainforest, each recipe was an invitation to travel to the cradle of Cacao and a chance for our participants to (re)discover República del Cacao’s amazing chocolates.

Through this event, we have succeeded in sharing the passion and authenticity of República del Cacao to our guests. When I saw them nodding their heads throughout the explanations shared by Chef Lou and myself, I knew that they had started to look at cacao and chocolate from a new perspective and with a deeper understanding of our mission and values.

¡Vamos República del Cacao!


   - Nancy Lu, Brand Manager and Sales Coordinator APAC for República del Cacao