Chefs Al Agua 2.0: Creando conciencia por la naturaleza y el respeto por las culturas ancestrales a través del arte culinario.

Chefs al Agua, is an initiative of Chef Rodrigo Pacheco, Ecuadorian semifinalist chef in the Netflix show: "The Final Table", and Head Chef at BocaValdivia restaurant, part of Las Tanusas Hotel located Puerto Cayo-Manabí. “Chefs al agua 2.0” was held here, a high-level gastronomic meeting to promote professional brotherhood and enhance Ecuador's unique biodiversity. In this edition, we were official sponsors and also our Corporate Chef, Andrea Lopez, and our CEO, Arnaud Monmarché, actively participated in the activities.

Outstanding chefs with great experience such as André Obiol, Santiago Granda, Edgar León, Milena Diaz, Samuel Ortega, Juan José Aniceto, Daniel Contreras, and as a special guest the Mexican Chef Esdras Ochoa, participated in this exciting event. Each one contributed with their culinary creativity using only national products, collected personally from the humid and dry forests of Cantagallo and El Barro, fish and shellfish from their own fishing, emphasizing the urgent need for environmental conservation and the rescue of our ancestral cultures.

Our Chef, Andrea Lopez highlighted all her skills in the following dessert:


A chocolate souffle using our Amazonía 75% dark chocolate that was enjoyed one bite at a with: caramel and dark chocolate ganache, mamey ice cream, mortiño sorbet, Caca Nibs crunch, and pineapple peppermint gel . All this accompanied by Chucula, a drink based on ripe banana, "manaba cheese", and mococha filled with different berries. 

Chef Rodrigo Pacheco and BocaValdivia restaurant, allowed us to live a unique experience and full of memories.