Discover Macambo: the long lost cousin of Cacao

The macambo tree (Theobroma Bicolor) is a close relative to cacao, also known in Kichwa as Patasmuyo. Its seed has important nutritional properties that make it a healthy snack with 3 times more protein than macadamia nuts, twice as much fiber than almonds and 1.3 times more Omega 9 than walnuts. It contains Theobromine a component, also found in cacao, that helps reduce blood pressure and aids muscle relaxation.

The toasted Macambo seed has been enjoyed as a snack and ingredient in indigenous cuisine for hundreds of years in the tropical jungles of Ecuador and Perú. Today, Canopy Bridge seeks to popularize the responsible consumption of healthy foods that promote biodiversity in farms and that protect native forests and jungles in our region.

We have partnered with Canopy Bridge to create our newest dessert. Macambo is the star in our new recipe, harvested in Napo province in Ecuador, where 70 small farming families collaborate with Canopy Bridge in the development of native food sourcing plants for a responsible agroforestry with positive social impact. 

Meet us in our Chocolate-Boutiques in Ecuador and join our cause, in the protection of fine cacao through our support of responsible small farmers, communities and entrepreneurs. Learn more about Canopy Bridge at: and #joinlarepublicadelcacao