"Ecuador a la Carta": Ecuador's gastronomical proposal to the world

The Ministry of Tourism has created a gastronomical proposal called “Ecuador a la Carta”, which seeks to turn the country into a gastronomic force. República del Cacao takes part of this event, as we are continuously searching for new ways to uplift the local and global gastronomy. Ecuador is a country filled with abundance thanks to its geographic position. The climate diversity on its four regions, allows the development of exquisite and unique ingredients, shaping a culinary culture like no other in the world.

“Ecuador a la Carta” will be implemented by involving everyone who is part of the tourism industry, the academy, and local governments. We hope that through unforgettable experiences, tourists will fall in love with the Ecuadorian gastronomy, so our culinary offer becomes of interest for foreign visitors and also increase the value ecuadorians have for our cultural heritage. For Inés Martín, Chef at Universidad de los Hemisferios, gastronomy must be viewed from a social, anthropological and cultural perspective “it is important to know our roots”.

We believe it’s fundamental to support events where culinary systems are strengthen and uplifted so we can share knowledge and support in this way, the chocolatier value chain in a transversal and integral way. We feel happy to be part of this initiative, and above all to contribute on the development and potentialization of a treasure as big as our incomparable gastronomy.