República del Cacao sponsor of Latin America`s 50 best restaurants 2019

In its aim to develop local gastronomy through the work with fine aroma chocolate, República del Cacao will be - for the third consecutive year - the official chocolate of the Latin Ameríca`s 50 Best Restaurants presenting the Latin America`s Best Pastry Chef 2019 award. The event, recognized as the most important of the industry in our continent, will take place on October 8-10, 2019 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The event will bring together chefs, restaurant owners, sommeliers, influencers, and other players of the gastronomic and media industry, from across the region and the world. For three days, they will attend a series of events such as Chef´s Feast, the #50BestTalks Live Discussion Forum and the Awards Gala, in which a jury of 252 members have chosen the Latin American 50 Best Restaurants and other awards. 

For República del Cacao, participating in this award is an opportunity to discover Latin American cuisine by the creative hands of avant-garde chefs; their relationship with local ingredients and culinary methodologies that highlight unique flavors of the region. Arnaud Monmarché, República del Cacao B2B CEO commented “Being part of Latin America's 50 Best Restaurants shows us that there is a generation of talented chefs challenging the way they use their ingredients: seeking origin, traceability and purpose in each of their creations. We try to support these needs through the use of our chocolate, representing a diverse Latin America”

The seventh "Latin American 50 Best Restaurants" will be held in Buenos Aires,  Argentina. William Drew, Director of the event, comments: "As an organization, we have had incredible success with each edition of the 50 best restaurants in Latin America. Previously the event has been held in Colombia, Mexico and Peru. This year we are delighted of being the hosts of the awards in Buenos Aires, celebrating its cuisine, its proud heritage, the city´s gastronomy and local winemaking”

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