República del Cacao presents its third Sustainability Report of 2020

It has always caught my attention the strength and impact that a business has on society. These organizations can create social and structural development opportunities in the country (and the world) through the strategies implemented in their value chains. From the community relationship for the development of partnerships in the long run regarding the purchase of raw material; the development of active equipment, making them a part of a vivid and resilient structure; to working towards incorporating the customers as co-participants who will multiply positive-impact actions.

In República del Cacao, we have found a balance between the business model that we have and the way to incorporate ourselves transversally to the actors that nurture this shared well-being path. Today, we celebrate being able to present the initiatives that our business has, framed in our sustainability report of 2020.

Without a doubt, this is a report that we will remember, as many of the projects that we set out to achieve for the year 2020 were stopped in order to make room for entrepreneurial strategic reflection and resilience. Our efforts during this year were focused on 4 priorities: the safety of our people, community support, the continuity of the company, and strengthening towards the future. These topics will be mentioned throughout the present strategic report, strengthening our work and vision in the long run.

To our company, reporting is not only a commitment towards our stakeholders, but a challenge to improve and for personal overcoming, where every single one of the people involved commit themselves to work together with the goal of incorporating a vision focused on the global challenges that we will face in 2030. Every manager participates actively in the “Sustainability Leadership Team'' with projects that focus on discovering how to incorporate their personal intent to the collective intent of República del Cacao, with the goal of envisioning a successful path. This strategy guides the decisions that every company unit makes in order to obtain profitable growth and a shared value in the long term.

Throughout this report, you will find our sustainability strategy framed in a “Sustainable Company'' model. Such model seeks to strengthen triple-impact relationships through the engagement of different stakeholders: suppliers, customers, partners, and strategic allies, all of them united by the Objectives of Sustainable Development and the B Corp certification standards. 

Welcome to our vision, we are delighted to hear you and share ideas to create projects together.


Maggie Crespo, Sustainable Business and Communication Manager