República del Cacao presents its third Sustainability Report of 2020

In República del Cacao, we conceived our strategic vision as a model of “Sustainable Business.” Looking to strengthen impactful relationships by involving different allies in our value chain: from suppliers, clients, and collaborators to strategic allies. Our sustainability strategy is based on a triple impact: social, environmental, and economic, integrated transversally in our business through a strategic framework. This strategy guides the decisions of all our business units to obtain profitable growth and longterm shared value. Today, we celebrate being able to present the initiatives that our business has, framed in our sustainability report for 2020.


This report will be, without a doubt, one to remember. Many of the projects we set forth in 2020 had to stop to give space to reflection and resilience. This year we focused our efforts on four priorities: the safety of our employees and collaborators, community support, business continuity, and strengthening in the long-term. These topics will be mentioned throughout the present strategic report, strengthening our work and vision.

To our company, reporting is not only a commitment towards our stakeholders, but a challenge of personal improvement, where every single one of the people involved in this company commit themselves in working together to face global challenges for development.

Our corporate purpose and brand pillars guide our strategic vision. From this vision, managerial areas are involved through our Sustainable Business Leadership Team so that each area works to meet their yearly objectives in the framework of the United Nations Global Compact, Sustainable Development Goals, and B Corp standards. 


Welcome to our vision, we are hoping to hear from you and share ideas to co-create projects together.

You can read our complete report con the following LINK


Maggie Crespo, Sustainable Business and Communication Manager