República del Cacao presents its range of products in Australia

República del Cacao it’s a local brand with global impact, our chocolate is produced locally, but enjoyed globally. We create chocolates with excellence and dedication hand in hand with chocolate experts who are in charge of taking the tastes and aromas of our region’s fine cacao to the world. Today we are present on more than 25 countries around the world, with products renowned by its quality and positive impact. We are present through different Allied Chefs internationally renowned that trust us for the development of new creations.   

During the last February, our Australia distributors developed an event that portrayed the excelence and quality of Latin American fine aroma cacao through the culinary proposals of allied chefs from the country.  

This was a showroom pastry buffet, thanks to which the characteristics and dynamins of the uses of our chocolates could be appreciated. Six of our most emblematic chocolates were used by Chef Tiffany Jones, the talented Pastry chef from Pastry Porject, who developed 6 unique and delicious creations, which brought out the best of our origin chocolates characteristics from Latin America, the craddle of Cacao.

The objective of the event was to show the wide range of República del Cacao products in the Australian market, and the variety of uses they have. A total of 100 people attended the event, and they were able to appreciate and taste the singularity of Fine Aroma Cacao.   

At República del Cacao we are committed to promote the sustainable development of Fine Aroma Cacao at its origin, in order to produce a high quality chocolate. Our chocolates are produced locally, using Latin American ingredients, combining these raw materials with the most advanced knowledge and global culinary techniques. We are proud to be promoters of an excellent chocolate that everyday is reaching more countries.