Chocoholic of the Month: Thomas Mayot

As part of our 'Notes from Latin America', we are featuring the people who make up the La República family. In this interview, we speak to Thomas Mayot - Key Account Manager Eastern USA. 

“I am the Key Account Manager on the East Coast of the United States. Therefore, my region is located from Vermont where you have the greatest ski resorts, to Florida where you can find some of the best beaches in the US.
I have been lucky enough to be part of the República del Cacao journey since the beginning and I have to say that it has been so fascinating. This is such an exciting project with an incredible story.

"I had a chance to go on several trips to Ecuador and it is always the same feeling when you meet the farmers. They welcome us with friendly smiles and cheerful attitudes, as if we were part of their family. You can also feel the passion that they are putting into their job and how proud they are to work with República del Cacao.
It is amazing to be able to know where our ingredients are coming from and to meet the farmers who produce them. Our responsibility is then to communicate this story to our customers, along with the fantastic products that we have in our range.

"All the US team is now involved in the República Del Cacao project and that gives us even more power to make this brand a success on the entire territory.”

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