We are Community

Dear República del Cacao Family,

This is a concerning time for everyone giving the latest announcements in our countries. As a global community we want to assure you that we support YOU and we are making our best effort to surpass this situation.

We believe that humanity is our essence. IN TIMES OF UNCERTAINTY, LET’S BE MORE HUMAN! In these moments we must compensate the lack of contact with more smiles, more positive conversations, more empathy, and more generosity to transmit peace. Now it is time to show the strength of our community and the positive impact we can have in others.

We are working throughout our value chain to assure the best measures are taken in benefit of our collective care.

We encourage you to support local businesses in the safest way. It is important to give hope to those around us. If any business is offering special services or delivery let’s share these courageous initiatives and support them.

Better times will come, we send you HOPE, LOVE and SAFETY.

The República del Cacao Team