“Living the Turucucho experience”

In a green field between the stunning mountains beauty, and the inspiring pasture aroma, Versa Sánchez is waiting for us. She is one of the 50 allies with which we work in our Turucucho community where we obtain our fresh mountain milk.

Our White Chocolate 31% would not exist as it is: with its unique aromatic flavor, if it wasn't for Versa and all of our ally communities that provide us with the best local raw material, of quality and origin. For this reason, during the past holiday season, our company decided to share and experience together joining our ally community at 3300 meters altitude in Cayambe while sharing a "Pambamesa."

According to ancestral traditions a Pambamesa means "common table" in Quichua. Guests are welcomed at the table sharing food that represents each ones essence. Before food is served, our team and community participated in different missions, crucial for the development of the activity.

The first mission, led by Versa, Inés and José was milking. Our allied community carries out this activity preserving traditional techniques. Cows in different tracts of land are fed by natural pastures. The milking process is done manually. Milk is collected and transferred in the milk cans to the Turucucho Collection Center. In this Center, the usual quality test is carried out.

For this particular time the milk was taken to the community kitchen for the preparation of the food. Part of our team was in charge of cooking together with the community, each person provided with a different input of flavors. As a result of the teamwork for the "Pambamesa" more than 200 sweet and salt crepes together with corn, beans, potatoes and of course, fresh milk chocolate. A truly diverse feast!

Finally, a community "minga" was held, which means in Quichua "community work". Together we redecorated the communal house, with paint brushes and music that filled the place, we ended this pleasant adventure that not only brought us moments to remember, but also teachings, which made us strengthen ties and reaffirm our commitment with our people.