Original recipe by Andrea López
Entremet. Makes 15 units

Cocoa Sablée

117 g Unsalted butter
75 g Micro powdered sugar
1 g Salt
24 g Almond powder
12 g Cacao Powder 22-24%
180 g Flour


Flourless Sponge Cake

390 g Egg whites
360 g Sugar
460 g Egg yolks
200 g Cacao Powder 22-24%


Raisin Compote

250 g Blackberry pulp
100 g Chopped raisins
20 g Sugar
4 g Citrus pectin


Peanut Praline

150 g Sugar
150 g Peeled peanut
50 g Roasted whole almonds
50 g República Dominicana 100% Dark Chocolate


República Dominicana 100% Cremeux

250 g Heavy Cream
250 g Milk
100 g Egg yolks
50 g Sugar
2 g Unflavored gelatin
300 g República Dominicana 100% Dark Chocolate


Neutral Nappage Spray

200 g Neutral Nappage
20 g Water

Cacao Sablée

Cream the butter together with the sugar. Add the other powders previously sifted together and continue with the eggs. Mix until you have a uniform dough, do not over-beat. Laminate the dough until it reaches  a t hickness  of 3 mm,  line the 8 cm tart rings and cook at 160°C for 12-15 minutes.

Flourless sponge cake

Make a French meringue with the egg whites and the sugar, aside whip the egg yolks (sabayón texture) and fold the two preparations together until fully incorporated. Follow the same technique with the sifted cacao powder. Place in a half tin with wax paper and cook at 19 °C for 12-15 minutes. Cool and cut the sponge into 5 cm. circles that fit inside the tartalets. 

Raisin compote

Heat the pulp together with the raisins and when it reaches 40°C add the previously mixed sugar and pectin, cook until boiling point. Cool and place in mini sphere moulds. 

Peanut praliné

Make a dry caramel with the sugar and process it with the nuts until you get a fine paste. Melt the Cacao Mass and mix it with 200 gr of the previous paste (save the rest for later). Fill a medium demi-sphere with praliné, place the raisin compote in the center and freeze. 

República dominicana 100% cremeux

Make an Cream Englaise with the first 4 ingredients: Heat the cream and milk, separately, lightly beat the egg yolks and sugar. Add half of the hot mix into the egg yolks, then incorporate this mix into the heated cream and milk. Mix and cook at 85°C. Add the previously hydrated gelatin (with 5 times its weight in water) until dissolved. Pour it over the Cacao Mass and make a ganache. Perfect the emulsion with an immersion blender. Fill a large sphere mould with the cremeux and place the medium demi-sphere of praline and compote inside it. Freeze.

Neutral glaze

Heat the neutral nappage and water until it boils. Immediately place it in the compressor gun and apply.


Cover the bottom of the tart with peanut paste, place the flourless sponge cake and cover it with peanut paste. Separately, unmould the Cremeux demi-spheres and spray them with the Neutral Napagge glaze. Place the sprayed demi-sphere on top of the sponge cake, inside the tart and cover the edges with cookie crumble or Cacao Nibs. To decorate, fill a paper piping bag with tempered Ecuador 56% Cacao Fluid Dark Chocolate and pipe over chopped Cacao Nibs, cover with more Cacao Nibs and let it crystallize. Place on the sphere.


PECANS & CARAMEL chocolate bar


Nutty Chocolate