We make chocolate that tastes good and does good

Local farmers

All of our local ingredients are grown by independent farmers and small cooperatives across Latin America. We believe in paying our farmers fair prices for their products so they can improve their crops and better support their families.


We passionately support the sustainable growth of local chocolate production in Latin American communities


Local Workforce

We believe in educating our workforce with the finest chocolate techniques. At every stage of the production process we are committed to empowering our community by training our staff in new skills.


Local Entrepreneurs

By ensuring that production stays in Latin America, we are proud to be able to grow and support local businesses and entrepreneurs who are involved in the sales, marketing and distribution of our chocolate.


Global Chefs

Our chocolate is made locally, but enjoyed globally - all over the world República del Cacao is the chosen chocolate of chefs and pastry chefs. We are proud to work with some of the finest chefs and chocolatiers - people like Javier Guillén.


Our cacao comes from small plantations in Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and the Dominican Republic. We focus on having direct and transparent relationships with cacao farmers, removing intermediaries as much as possible.

All of our suppliers are committed to a binding charter that secures safe labor conditions, human rights, anti-corruption and environmentally friendly practices.


We source our milk from small farming communities in the Ecuadorian Andes.

Our white chocolate is made using milk from dairy cattle reared in the foothills of the Cayambe volcano.


The white sugar in República del Cacao chocolate comes from the coastal plains of Latin America and is processed without using bone char.

Our dark, Ecuador 65% chocolate uses a special, organic and unprocessed sugar called Panela, from the jungle near Quito.


Our team consists of engineers and operators trained with the finest chocolate techniques.

We believe in training and empowering our local staff in traditional French techniques, so they have the skills and expertise to be autonomous.


Having trained in top restaurants and schools all over the globe - Santiago Cueva is our Executive Chef.

Santiago works with us to develop our chocolate range and to create recipes using our range of chocolate.

He brings extensive knowledge and a broad taste palette, developed here in Ecuador and from his time overseas.


We strongly believe in teaching the next generation of chefs techniques to allow them to pursue careers as professionals.

We work with local universities and with the Chocolate Academy (set up by French chef, Cyril Prudhomme) to teach innovation and chocolatier skills to the chefs of the future.


We are committed to supporting local entrepreneurs by providing a platform to develop their ideas.

Natalia (pictured) is from Argentina and lives in Ecuador. When discovered the famous taste of Cacao Arriba in our chocolate, she decided to fuse the traditional taste of the Argentinian Alfajor with the Ecuadorian chocolate. This is how Che Alfajor was born.


We are passionate about supporting local artists - partnering with them in a number of ways.

Maria José Rodriguez is an Ecuadorian illustrator who we have worked with on a number of projects , including the patterns you see on our website.

Swing Original Monks is a modern music group known for combining traditional rhythms, urban sounds and electronic beats - they provide the backing track to our institutional brand film.


Latin America is rich with craft products, we are proud to celebrate these traditional skills by supporting local artisans.

The aprons worn by our staff are made by a group of women who are part of a scheme created to return women to work.

We also support the production of Panama-style hats - made in Cuenca, southern Ecuador - and our company notebooks are made locally using recycled sugar cane fibre.


We are proud to work with a global network of chefs who work using our chocolate professionally and act as ambassadors for República del Cacao.

For example, Javier Guillén: “República del Cacao represents a brand with character, origin and quality - I am proud to work with a brand that supports Latin American cacao production from end-to-end of the process.”


Our Products

We have the world’s finest cacao right on our doorstep. Our sugar is grown locally and our milk produced by small communities of dairy farmers. No wonder our chocolate is so delicious.

Our Story

Our journey started over ten years ago when we set ourselves an ambitious mission, to locally produce the most authentic Latin American chocolate, protecting and developing sustainable fine cacao production.

Our community

Let’s change the world one cacao bean at a time. Help us support local communities by creating direct relationships with farmers, empowering local entrepreneurs and inviting chefs from around the world to join La República.