Excellence in Chocolate Production linked to Socio-Environmental projects

"The agricultural sector of the country requires major changes, a new vision, that allows it to face the current challenges of the region and the world, incorporating strategies in which innovation, new technologies and above all, the essential synergy between the academia and the Ecuadorian producers are fundamental.

Facing these challenges implies important transformations, including those that favor innovation and technological change since both involve a material and social process. In particular, it is necessary to develop and share a new vision of the role of research and the interaction of the actors that make up the innovation ecosystem. "- CIBB 2018

For República del Cacao, one of our main pillars in strategic development is focused on sharing knowledge within socio-environmental projects along our value chain. Among some of these projects we have there are: workshops with allied communities on field schools (Vinces, Ecuador); staff training on security, healthcare, and tastings (for our collaborators and operators) as well as workshops and courses on a global scale with our pastry chefs.

In this case, we are proud to share our companies experience by participating on the International Congress of Biotechnology and Biodiversity. We believe this way we can strengthen the cacao and chocolate value chain on an integral and transversal way. Anaïs Leroux, Research and Development Manager, Marisela Perugachi, Quality Responsable and José Merlo, Socio-Environmental Projects Coordinator, will participate on the Congress presenting cases of success and management of our company within the cacao symposium with the theme: “Excellence in chocolate production linked to socio-environmental projects”.

Date: October 22-25 , 2018

Location: Hotel Hilton Colón, Guayaquil, Ecuador.


marisela perugachiAnahis LerouxJose Merlo

Marisela Perugachi, Anais Leroux, José Merlo- República del Cacao


Source: www.cibb.espol.edu.ec