Understanding needs to cultivate solutions

In Republica del Cacao we have a Field-City Knowledge Exchange program, which aims to facilitate workshops for our allies in rural communities through the support of our collaborators and their various areas of knowledge. This project not only fosters our commitment and Corporate Culture but also our social commitment.

In this occasion, Estefanía Nuñez, our Quality Analyst gave a workshop on food safety control. It focused on the importance of complying with the requirements established at the level of national and international regulations in order to have a good quality raw material which allows to create products with a differentiating added value.

Estefanía mentions the importance of co-creation through the exchange of knowledge to understand the different needs and concerns of the allies to formulate solutions together. She also reflects on how "implementing new ideas and projects in the medium and long term, create enthusiasm and commitment in the community. This allows us to achieve great goals"

One of our purposes here at República del Cacao, is to manage projects that guarantee triple impact in its value chain: social, environmental and economic. By doing so, we not only guarantee chocolate quality and traceability but we also promote sustainable development. We believe in the participation in projects and alliances with several actors of the cacao and chocolate chain to promote the inclusive, differentiated and competitive development of the countries where we work.