Forged under the Andean Sun, we present our new White Chocolate Ecuador 33% with Roasted Corn

The gastronomy world is always in constant change. Because of this, our chocolates are produced with the best quality, professionalism and excellence, developing innovative recipes that complement the creativity and dynamism of our chefs around the world. This is why today we are presenting our new White Chocolate Ecuador 33% with Roasted Corn.

This chocolate has two characteristic ingredients from Ecuador, raw sugar cane and corn. Our raw sugar cane is produced by our providers, “Productos San José”, from the community of Pacto, Ecuador, located in the bioregion of the Andean Chocó. All its production process is possible thanks to local farmers and their artisanal production practices allow this raw ingredient to maintain its nutrients, minerals, vitamins and proteins. The corn comes from our providers, “La Campería”, located on the Ecuadorian Andes, at the bottom of the Ilinizas national park. This millennial grain is a characteristic Latin American product, thanks to this, we are recovering the gastronomic value of the Andean grain through its incorporation to this new recipe. We focus our efforts in using local ingredients, due to this, “La Campería” factory is located only 30 km away from our production plant.  

The combination of these unique local ingredients with the singularity of our white chocolate makes this new product very sweet, with a candy-like color, which gives the impression of having been forged like gold, under the same Andean sun.  

The flavor notes we find are roasted corn, toffee, cereal, caramel and a touch of salt. A combination of flavors like no other that makes our White Chocolate with Roasted Corn one of the most singulars of our portfolio. Moreover, it is ideal for uses like mousses, sponges, ganaches, creams, molding, machine robing, ice creams, sorbets, sauces and drinks.  

Thanks to our White Chocolate Ecuador 33% with Roasted Corn we can implement various impactful projects of Knowledge Exchange, Environmental Commitment, Economic Sustainability and Gender Equity on our allied communities of milkmen and panela farmers, which support our B Corp certification. We invite you to know more about the exquisiteness and singularity of the Andean Sun.