Pastry Argentina a sweet, emotional encounter

For second consecutive year, Argentina is committed to the growth and professionalization of Argentine and Latin American pastry and chocolate by inviting international visionary chefs to the Latin American Pastry Congress.

Pastry was born with the spirit of training and innovating of pastry cuisine and with the aim of transmitting knowledge of chefs from all over the world to the new generations of Latin America.

Jorge Miño, Commercial Director of the company Alyser (official distributor of República del Cacao in Argentina) mentions the importance of this type of events:  "We are working so that Latin America can rely on the most advanced technologies, exclusive raw materials, excellent education and innovations offered by the international market to make it our own working capital, in order to achieve the maximum potential of our chefs "

Guest chefs included Frédéric Bau, Oriol Balaguer, Paco Torreblanca and Luis Robledo who surprised the audience with recipes that integrated the essence and experiences of each one of the speakers. The event included workshops, as well as practical classes in the course of two exciting days. Osvaldo Gross participated as a facilitator between the Chefs and the assistants. The sessions ended with a panel with all the chefs led by the Gastronomic Critic Ignacio Medina.

This Pastry edition, included a look at the traceability of the chocolate value chain: from cacao to Chefs. Two conferences were held by sustainability representatives from Valrhona; Julia Holiday and República del Cacao; Magdalena Crespo. For República del Cacao, one of the most important objectives focuses on creating spaces where knowledge is transfered in order to strengthen the chocolate value chain in a transversal and integral way based on the exchange of knowledge and experiences.

Gustavo Giorleo, Commercial Manager of Alyser, summarized the event mentioning the importance of dreaming "It is the engine of our inspiration and creativity, it helps us develop as better professionals". Dream, create, share, innovate, key words of what was undoubtedly an event that will transcend the vision of assistants.

Thanks Argentina